And so it began…Week One.


Well it came badly time for me, week one started on the first day of half term, and a planned trip away camping so no wifi. But a quick glance at the lesson plan got me thinking about why I write, why I enjoy storytelling,

This began long before I was a parent, back when my parents had given up reading to me as I often read quicker than them. I wrote to fill in the time before the next book was out, to compliment the author’s story or add my own version of the back story.  I wrote to escape. The same has happened with reading and story telling, escapism. I tell story o my children to escape the potential nightmares, we take imaginary journeys to places  not visited , we are brave and overcome enemies and monsters. We are warriors, protectors, friends, traveller’s. Through stories we can live a thousand lives, and through each of those lifes give us the skills we need to live this one.

Sometimes they are heroes, sometimes the bad guys get away, occasionally there are morals and hidden messages, similarities and shared personalities, that help the listener to make a descison, a choice, lesson learned.

But story telling is also for enjoyment, what other reason is there for picking up a classic horror story, the only lessons to be learned from that are ‘don’t go in the cellar if you hear strange noises’ and ‘don’t wear high heels and a short skirt when you go camping and might have to run’.

The pure pleasure to be gained from a story rich enough that you lose yourself into it and react emotionally, is something totally personal, and can not be predicted until after the event. To be the person responsible for that effect is what it is all about. The satisfaction that your story had moved another human being into action of any kind has to be the highest praise available, and if i can only keep giving my kids peace that the boogie eyed bed monster is not strong enough to beat them, them im happy wih my efforts of narration.


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