The Pitch

It’s got to that time already.  The 3rd draft of the script is nearly finished, ready to be submitted.  It’s only natural that now you have written a script you want to sell it, so you need a pitch.

I’m a fair way of selling my script, but I still need to practise my script, and having a really crap short-term memory I knew I was going to struggle. After giving it some thought, I downloaded the TelePromTer app onto my phone, and Voila! I have the words in front of me, and I record, save and review all in one easy go, and even send it anywhere I want, in this case to uni.

Putting myself in front of a camera has never been high on my list, in fact, I avoid cameras, phones, etc as best as possible. The family album is full of kids and the OH, even the dog, cats and garden get a fair few pages, but you won’t find a single pic of me. Call it whatever you want, but it’s mainly confidence. After being a stay at home mum for so long you, you forget how to socialize and talk to grown ups, and you never know how much glitter and glue you are covered in until there is a camera in sight.

Nerves at their worse, I hapazerderly slapped on the old warpaint, removed the bobble and actually brushed my mane.

Having watched numerous pitch’s, I was no more confident in my approach but I had ago, and another, then another… It’s very difficult to capture you best side when you are holding the phone at arm’s length and vanity prevents you from wearing your reading glasses. Eventually I made a  version I was okay with. In a week that has been fraught with rewrites and edits, this is a small win, and I’m going to grab it with both hands.


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