Story Craft Basics

Starting 21st May 2021

Designed with the new writer in mind.

Four 2 hour sessions filled with the basics of crafting a story.
What exactly do you need and what can you delete? The course is held online via Zoom.

Don’t worry about Zoom fatigue, you will have time off the screen writing, and being kept busy. Bring a drink along with you, and relax.

With weekly challenges set to get you thinking, you can either use this mini course as a checkpoint for writing that first novel, or for short stories, it will even make a great start as a fulfilling new hobby, for those late spring evenings and into a long summer.

Courses like this don’t just build new skills, they allow you the safe space to discover different styles that you have never considered. What I love about seeing clients who have done these courses, is how it builds up their confidence. From being scared thinking it is silly, to suddenly being on the radio and reading your poetry aloud!

It is about creating something personal that can be a legacy to loved ones. Imagine all the bedtime stories you invented and made up on the spot, immortalised into print? Or the stories passed on from generation to generation that you think might get lost in a world where gaming is important.

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Stories do matter, whether they are fact or fiction.

To get the best out of them we need to understand the basics about plot, characters, location and also what to include and what to leave out.

We also learn about our voice. Being ourselves, why you might admire the words of your favourite author, you won’t write like them. That is their voice, and we look into how to develop this further.

The course is relaxed and friendly, and will pass quickly, from feedback, too quickly!

Class sizes are restricted, so book as soon as you can.

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