Flexing the Writing Muscle

Do you write daily?

I do. Now.

Not always what I should be writing, but I do write.

I am and have always been, a big list maker, it is probably why plotting ideas and creating beatsheets is easier for me than others.

I can write extensive notes, on my work and that of my clients. I can write shopping (book and garden) lists til the end of time!

But writing my own fiction is something totally different!

There have been days, when I didn’t feel like ‘writing’, sitting down at my desk and turning the laptop on, and I never forced myself. I know others recommend this, but I didn’t want writing to become a chore for me. It was something I loved doing, and my only way I saw as my being creative. I enjoy the freedom writing gives me.

Yet I needed to finish projects. I’m sure you do too. I have folders all over my desk top with half written stories and scripts. I won’t show you the PILES of notebooks filled with ideas, character descriptions, overheard conversations, one liners, a feeling, or just something unusual that sticks out and I need to recall later.

I needed to get into a habit.

I am always careful of using the word NEED, but I think it is justified here.

If I wanted to be taken seriously as a writer then I NEEDED TO WRITE. It really was that simple.

Writing = WRITER

Some of my students were having the same issue, so I started the WritingSprints running each weekday morning at 7am to 8am (bst), now I know it was early, but I am a morning person so this was fine with me. But now I had something I didn’t have before.


There was going to be other writers WATCHING me sit at my keyboard and type everyday for an hour! I would have to do something.

The hours starts with a motivational quote. We LOVE these!

Daily quotes to encourage you to write.

For those writers who were unsure WHAT TO WRITE, the quote actually INSPIRED them. WOW!

So, this one hour has now become…


Not bad!

Like most writers, I I have found the morning writing sprints invaluable at creating a habit. An hour each day of writing what I want to, I found I was creating and writing more, and so were those who joined me.

Research shows that it takes just 21 days for something to become a habit, just THREE WEEKS! I’m assuming that you will love writing so much that you will continue on your own over the weekend!

Like an athlete or dancer writing is as much a muscle, so the more you WORK it the STRONGER it will become.

Imagine what you could do in three weeks?

Most sprint writers seem to write around 1,000 words within the hour, (there is no minimum, whatever you feel comfy writing and talking quantity not quality here), over 21 days that would be 21, 000 words.

That is the average word count of a feature length film script. MIND BLOWN?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

In THREE MONTHS you would have a FIRST DRAFT of YOUR novel.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Still unsure if you can write a novel or a script, or whatever you want?

Still saying you have no time to do this?

Here is another incentive, join the writing sprint each day for FREE.

That’s right, there is no charge! How do I run a business without charging you may ask, or what is the catch?

I genuinely want to see more writers achieve their dreams, and the more of you there is, the bigger the motivation and accountability there is.

For those who do want to support me, check out the services page. I list all the ways I can help you, and my fees, which are totally transparent, no hidden charges!

Join me at 7am (BST) to start you journey as writer. You can sign up here.

If you have more excuses than on here, give me a shout and we’ll talk through them.

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