Can creative writing be taught?

Yes! Absolutely!

Fiction is simply something made up, not real. It can be based on a real event or fact and the bulk of the story is invented around it or the whole idea might have sprung from imagination. Wherever your idea comes from, the process of developing it is somewhat natural for others, while some have to work harder.

It doesn’t matter what type of person you are you will still have to develop further skills, and guess what! It doesn’t matter how many books or scripts you write, you will still learn with each one.

We have the basics of storytelling, you know, a start, middle and end.

Let me tell you a secret…No one knows the best way to write a story, hang on a moment, but what we can help with is showing you the bits in between that are also needed.

A good creative writing teaching will work with what you can do and make the parts you do well stronger, and the parts you do bad stronger too. They will work with your strengths (great ideas) and your weaknesses (what to do next).

You can buy every book on the market and they are many, do free and paid online courses, download free PDFs offering you the top 5 tips to writing a best seller, but the best advice is to write. Simply write and get your story down or choose a course where you are working as an individual and not just another. name on an email list.

If you are interested in seeing where you idea could go or would like to have a face to face meeting (in person or zoom) then please email me at or visit


A sample of my how to write books I’ve used over the years.

This blog by The Coffeehouse Writer is about Can creative writing be taught? Which simply is yes it can be. While I am a writing coach and mentor and I work with people on a personal basis rather than impersonal online courses. This allows me to look at your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and help to build a strategy for where you would like to go with your writing. I work with those who which to be an author (mainly indie authors) scriptwriters, and playwrights. The Coffeehouse Writers Group is currently in the process of writing a group audio drama.

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