About me.

Like others before me, I have spent a fair amount of my time researching, planning, editing and writing in a variety of coffeehouses. It’s not just for the stimulation of the black stuff, but for the people-watching, and the distraction of trying and failing to write at home.

Choosing a research topic for Masters in Screenwriting, I wanted to look at women writers, I discovered the little known Mrs Mary Davys from Dublin, who moved to York about 300 years. She wrote a play and had it produced in London, is lasted 3 days. A success, but not enough to get her novels published. Needing to support herself, she moved to Cambridge and opened one of the first coffeehouses, providing her patrons with tips on writing. Eventually, she had her book published through interested subscribers, one being Alexander Poe.

Not only did she write in a coffeehouse, she used crowdfunding to achieve her dreams. Mary has been my guiding light, my inspiration.

Like Mary, I am not giving up on my dream as a writer, and like Mary, I teach writing, sometimes in a coffeehouse, sometimes a pub.

Before I gained the courage to write, I worked to fit in with my family Over the years, I have held many jobs from archaeologist, Pub Owner, High School English teacher and years as business development. Looking back this makes me the writer and coach I am today. All this experience enables me to help my students develop their skills as a writer, an author (published) and as a business person.

When not coaching I write novels, screenplays, theatre and radio scripts. I am currently working towards a Professional Doctorate. Hopefully, this will encourage you that I have the dedication and determination to motivate you to write and, if it’s your aim, to publish your novel or get your script finished. To check out my novels, follow me at https://www.facebook.com/AmandaJAllen.Author. Thanks Mandi