How many reasons do you need to take a Writing Course?

Fulfil your dreams!

When you write copy for marketing or blogs, it’s often said to have a number in the title as folk like to have an idea of the quality of what they are reading, based on quantity.

Yet when it comes to most things it’s a way of seeking permission to follow our dreams in easy steps.

With writing how many reasons do you need to realise that if you have a ‘feeling’ to write you should just do it.

No excuses, no reasons why!

You do not need to give yourself permission!

Writing is beneficial for many reasons, as are most creative outlets. But for me, the best thing about writing is I can do it ANYWHERE. I’m currently still in bed, it’s just gone 5am and I have already started my day with a list of intentions, writing this blog and notes on my latest project. But that is me! Not everyone starts the day in full steam.

Writing is also cathartic. However I am feeling whether it’s ecstatic in the full throes or my latest script, or the kids haven’t fought once all day or I’m fed up, angry and disappointed with the way my day has gone. Usually because I am physically too tired to do more than I have.

Writing is my my of explaining my emotions without having to apolitically anyone later. Journals are amazing for this, and you don’t need to share them.

There is something about writing by hand which I find soothing too, we all need to find that.

Writing is an expression of who I am.

I love being creative, I have this energy bursting inside, I bake, I garden, occasionally I even paint and draw. For me though, writing is my outlet. I can go places I have never been without leaving my room, I meet new people every time my pen touches the paper. I can be the greatest detective, a pioneering Irish writer, a woman meeting her first live, have magical powers.

What you can be and do is down to your creativity and where you get inspiration from.

Writing is for creativity, for comfort, for emotional release, for planning your future, remembering your past. It can help you heal and move forward. It can be career building or enhancing, to entertain the kids or the grown-ups. There are time’s when it’s hard work, and even more time’s when it’s fun.

How many reasons do you need to pick up a pen?

Feeling the need to write?

Ready to Rise Again.

I’m a huge music fan. Normally it has to be LOUD, lots of guitar and drums. Occasionally, I need to take the time out and relax. I say occasionally, as I find this something very difficult to do.

He himself, exists like he is permanently hypnotised, in that way you say ‘sleep’ and he is, and ‘rest’ and he does. I find relaxing more stressful than working, it’s just how my brain works.

One of my go to music artists for relaxing is Gabrielle, I can close my eyes and delve deep into the simple lyrics.

When I listen to Rise it’s not a broken a relationship that has me thinking, but the end of a writing project. I won’t add the lyrics here, go and have a listen to the song yourself.

But time is great, so after every project I have forced myself to take time, for ME.

It’s taken me years, like all good therapy, to be able to say those words without feeling even a tinge of guilt. No, that’s a lie. There is still the odd moment I do.

Yet here I am as a writing coach telling you to take care of yourself. Let go.

To follow your dream you need to be of healthy mind and spirit. Mainly, because you will still be working 8-5 and writing in your ‘spare’ time.

Before the lockdown, I had my regular photoshoot booked with the wonderfully relaxing Maryanne Scott. Unsure what props to take, I decided in a mini hissy-fit that it shouldn’t be about always looking my best!

I am a writer for godsakes, not some catwalk model 😂😂 my working clothes are paint stained yoga pants, and my office is my front room. So, I decided to go au naturel, sans makeup and colour branded clothes.

Many years ago I trained as herbalist, nothing too ‘woohoo’ but I had health issues that conventional medicine was failing to help, I needed answers. Along that journey, I discovered Rosemary. I have since then kept a plant on my desk. A gentle squeeze and the aroma wakes me up, refreshes me. I learnt that is also helps with memory, in other words, the perfect writing companion!

Rosemary got me through writing my first novel.

My downtime is my garden, pre-virus it had sat in the backseat being engulfed in nettles (check out my other blog- Mandi’s potager garden) it was an understated apocalyptic example. The idea, this was my relaxation area, my go to studio. Without this I can’t relax. Well I now have no excuse.

The last few weeks have seen me keep busy, not relax, but this is MY WAY, and for the sake of yourself, you need to discover yours. WHATEVER IT IS.

Don’t let anyone tell you how to relax, we all do it differently. I actually find being busy my relaxation.

So the point of this post, is do not let ANYONE, make you feel guilty for who YOU are or how YOU look after YOURSELF, but to please make sure you do, guilt-free

Only you know what makes you feel good. Keep safe mentally and physically.

Mandi x