Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring is offered on a one to one basis, for writers at all stages of their journey. I have worked with those who have previously had no experience writing, to established writers who are looking to regain their lost mojo! For those who which to take their writing to the next level, I can develop a personalised career path for you to help you achieve you goals. Writing is about personal and creative development, and as a professional teacher, I have had many years to develop my skills, and continue to do so, so that I can help you.

As a writer I understand the issues you are facing and some of the most common ones start, not with the writing but with the writer, and their level of confidence. By setting small goals you can develop and grow your confidence. It is about self acceptance and knowing your worth. Writing can help with that, whether it’s through your creativity or from keeping a journal, it can help you to overcome anxiety and stress and frame your situation into a better perspective. I will teach you how to keep yourself going even when you feel lost.

I can help with…

  • Building Confidence
  • The Basics of Storycraft
  • Choosing a Story
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Story Development
  • Feedback on Work-in-Progress
  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Learning to Self-publish
  • Preparation for Traditional Publishing
  • Using Social Media for Writers
  • Increasing your Productivity
  • Being Organised
  • The Business of Being an Author
  • And so much more!

“This course has given me the encouragement, and the expertise to complete a novel started several years ago. The continued support was invaluable.”

Sue F. Taylor, author

The time a client stays with me varies, I have had some start on Beginner’s writing courses and stay all the way through the Act Two/Novel in a Year course. I recommend three months as a minimum as this allows me to get to know you and we can set goals and see results. If you are serious about writing, then you will see the benefits in a long term commitment. Most of my clients have been with me for over two years. They like how I keep them on their toes, and constantly challenge them to produce their best work.

Depending where you are we can meet in person or Zoom on a regular basis, we will also be contact through email and message, whichever is your preferred method. We will have an hour one to one, per month, and chat when you need me at other times, via email or message. For this reason, I ensure I do not take on too many clients at a time, so I can make sure I dedicate my time to those I am working with.

Coaching or Mentoring?

Coaching is

working through setting goals, it’s about improving your writing and your writing output. To achieve this I will ask questions, lots of them, because coaching is about raising your own self awareness and self discovery. It’s about helping you to discover what you need. Coaching is great if you have a deadline, or a target to achieve. It is more structured.

Mentoring is…

where I can share my experiences as a professional writer to help guide you through the same path. As a writer in many formats, and someone who has been down the route of indie publishing, I know the pitfalls. I have discovered what works well, what drains your time and energy and have learnt how to navigate the quagmire of publishing and the literary world so you can focus on writing. By working together and using my templates we can aim to make your journey easier.

My way is…

A combination of both coaching and mentoring all rolled into one. It’s about building a relationship of trust, and by doing that I can get the best out of you, and give the best of me. While I have been down one route, it’s my job to look at what is suitable for you. I am constantly upgrading my skillset to help improve you and your writing. If you are after a dedicated writing professional to help you, then please drop me an email and we can chat. Be positive and take that first step for you.

Coaching & Mentoring

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