September 2021

Ever had a a niggle to write, then ignored it thinking you aren’t good enough, your spelling is awful, who would read your work?

This course has been designed to build confidence in yourself and your writing, to help you learn the basics WITHOUT feeling like you are back in school! For a start, there is no chalkboard, no homework (unless you want some) and no right or wrong answers!

You can use this course to write a story, your autobiography, or even help with job applications. or the bairns homework (not Math though!🥺). The course is taught by myself, a secondary teacher of 20 + years, and a writing coach as well as an author and scriptwriter. Breaking down the story into smaller parts we will look at each and see how they work

You don’t have to be a big reader.

We work through each story segment using writing prompts. These are basically a short sentence or a word that will, hopefully, inspire you to write more. There is never any pressure for you to share you work, but you are more than welcome to do so.

I hope you join me at Park Street. All proceeds from refreshments go to Park Street Performing Arts Centre which is a registered charity.

To sign up use the form below.

Watch this space for details of online classes launching in September.

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