Feedback and Reports

For clients who wish to have an insight into their work before submitting or publishing, I offer various forms of editing.

Developmental Edit

This means taking a look at the bigger picture. Here I focus on plot, character development, theme and point of view etc. This is best taken when you have finished a draft you are happy with and want to know if it works, or at the start if you are working on a series, so we can plot each book out.

Line Edit

This focuses on the writers style and their voice, their ‘writers DNA’. It shows unnecessary repetition, telling vs. showing, awkward phrasing. This also checks for continuity and inconsistency and making sure you have your facts correct and if you are using a passive vs. active voice, and check that dialogue is natural sounding. This is best when you have had a developmental edit and those edits have been fixed.

When you have had both a developmental and line edit you need to find a copy editor (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc) and then a proof reader (check for any errors that might have been made before printing). While I do not offer this service, I have a recommendations list.

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