Novel in a Year ’24

This is for the Seriously Dedicated.

Come with an idea and together we will turn it into a dream. Just One Year to complete one project.

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Novel in a Year

A spark! That’s all it takes to ignite a story. What was the spark for you?

Over the year you will gain all the skills you need to turn your spark into a fully fledged idea ready to submit and send to agents or self publish. You will be guided every step of the way from write through to editing and then preparations for submitting to agents. For those who want to publish themselves, we will look at the digital marketing options that suit you best.

Igniting your Spark

This guided creative writing course will help you over the coming year to firm ideas through one to ones and group sessions along, with daily motivation and work you can do in your own time. It’s been carefully designed to give you the time to write without intruding too much on your personal space.

Developing Skills

Learn skills that will last you a lifetime, from how to create intricate storylines, characters with depth to understanding what makes a great script/novel, and become part of a writing community that will create long lasting friendships, that become the backbone of your support system.

Branding Yourself

It’s not just about your writing, it’s also about you, From personal branding to self-care throughout writing for well-being, The coaches care about your and your writing. We understand the importance of looking after yourself, because if you don’t the writing stops. And we don’t want that, do we?

Novel in a Year

So what do you get?

Each week you will be part of a small online Zoom video chat. We will look in depth at that weeks lesson as well as set goals. You will have the opportunity to chat with your coach. Sessions are recorded you watch back at your leisure.

You will receive a year’s worth of lessons, making this course a great alternative to a degree or Masters course at a fraction of the cost, including one to one coaching.

Each month you be invited to a one to one with your coach to discuss your progress, set goals both personal and writing. One your first draft is complete, you will receive an in-depth development report.

John Doe

Join an active writing community that will strengthen your motivations, be there to offer their real-life experiences and support you, as well as offer accountability. You will also get exclusive access to industry insiders with workshops and interviews.

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January to March

April to September

Time to Write. While you will have made a start in the first three months, this is the period when you will complete your first draft. You will be receiving regular feedback so you can see how you are developing, as well as working your on your strengths and weaknesses.

October to December

Time to Reflect… on your writing and on yourself. Throughout this course your well-being is taken into consideration. There is no point in having a burnt out writer or not enjoying the process. While I compete development edits, you will focus on personal goals, growing social media before sorting out edits and polishing up your script.

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Achieve Your Dreams

*There is a 12 month commitment required to join this course. The total cost of the course is 12 x £375 = £4,500

Breakdown of costs if not doing the Novel in a Year Program

12 x one to ones @ £75 = £900 + 3 x mid length reviews @ £350 = £1,050 + 50 x group workshops @ £75 = £3,750 + 2 x recorded sessions @ £25 = £50 +full length development edit @ £650 = total £6,400.

A saving of £1,900 when doing the Novel in a Year course.