I have always maintained that fees need to be visible and clear from the start.

Clients can choose to work with me in blocks of three months. This is for your benefit, if you are looking at moving forward with your writing career and are taking it seriously then you need to make that commitment and I can set longer term development goals as well as short term. Coaching and Mentoring works best when their is a commitment from both sides. If you prefer to have a one-off then please email myself and I will be happy to discuss this with you.

All prices include VAT, and access to a clients only Facebook Group.

Three Months

Coaching £295Coaching Plus £595
1 x 1 hour zoom call each month2 x 1 hour zoom call each month
Feedback on up to 10 pages each monthFeedback on up to 50 pages each month
Tailored plan to your individual goalTailored plan to your individual goal
Membership of Client only Facebook GroupMembership of Client only Facebook Group
Unlimited email and message supportUnlimited email and message support
10% discount on all courses10% discount on all courses


Three months of one to one Coaching and Mentoring.


Coaching Plus

Three months of one to one coaching and mentoring with extra support and feedback (as above)


Development and One Off Fees