Act One

Int.   She-shed   -Night
Candles are lit, the laptop is on, Final Draft is visible, MANDI sits with a glass of wine and starts typing. Mandi is a new writing student at Falmouth completing her MA Writing for script and screen.  Finally, the kids are to bed and she can relax and make a start.

So as I embark on the next step of my journey

I have to write a blog, hmm this could be fun

a public display and test of my writing and imagination

feedback from the unknown, and the unknowing

angle to the keyboard:

Mandi  (v.o.)

imagination starts with the blogs christening,

a name (tapping impatiently on desk) needs to

be witty, clever not too much though

MANDI starts typing


MANDI deletes the entry


MANDI writes numerous attempts at blog name

got it!

MANDI quickly types her thoughts into space


love a tongue twister, hope it’s not the wine talking

and it is as good in the morning

Angle to MANDI drinking wine, content.

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