Self Love

Hands up if you’re a writer who has suffered self -doubt?

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The two seem to go hand in hand, we are after all putting something very personal out there for public viewing and critisim. The key here is to understand that you will always get negative feedback off someone. It is down to taste, we don’t all like the same the same things, whey should we expect EVERYONE to like what we are writing?

We need to build our own self confidence up and not put that responsibility on others.

Here are a few exercise that can help.

Create Positive Affirmations and place them where you will see them DAILY.

I love yoga and would highly recommend it.
Make a plan to help identify the problems.
This has to be my favourite!

Know and understand the difference between your INNER CRITIC and your AUTHENTIC CRITIC.

This is a tough one. How do you know which critic is which?

Get two pieces of paper.

On the first, write down your most negative thoughts.

This might seem the easy task, but each word you write down will hurt, but try not to give up.

For Example:

I take to long on one writing project

What if my facts are not right?

What is no-one reads my story?

What if they don’t like this one?

They will think I’m an imposter.

Your list can be as personal as you wish. it is your list.

This one is your INNER CRITIC!

With the next piece of paper go through each of you Inner Critic comments, and put a positive spin on them.

For Example:

I take my time to ensure I get my story down the way I want it.

This is a fiction story, there is room for error.

I am writing this story for me, if only one person reads it I will be happy.

If they don’t like my story, that is okay too. Maybe they will like the next one, or it’s not their genre.


Don’t be hard on your self without reason. We all have room to improve and change with genuine reasons, without putting more worry on ourselves being over critical.

Keep that Inner critic in check by reading your authentic critic as a regular reminder!

Part of my job as writing coach is to help with you inner critic and make you see the authentic you. If you are interested in working through your worries as a writer while improving you self worth then please drop me an email at to book your first 15 minute free session.

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